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Santi AIM King Of Mobile J2me

Santi AIM King Of Mobile J2me

The King of Mobile is a new strategy game on mobile phone platform in which Game player plays the role as the CEO of a mobile producer & distributor company. Be the undisputed ruler of a sophisticated real-time Mobile Company, player can choose to head an existing mobile company or create ideal company from the ground up

In the game, Player can build the infrastructure building. (i.e. mobile shop, service center, R&D center) or can manage human resources in the company. (i.e. develop the engineering team to do research and develop new kind of mobile phones to serve market needs)

The game has features to simulate realistic migration of population, human relation and behavior. Logistic algorithm built into the game using fuzzy logic, emulates realistic environment in the game, and exhibits real world scenarios.

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AIM King Of Mobile

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