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Vipera Mobile Social Network v. 1.2.1

From the makers of Shoot&Send!
NEW Release v.1.2.1, with much smoother overall user experience
  1. HUGELY improved navigation and scroll speed
  2. presence tracking: you are alerted when friends come online
  3. full implementation of private blogs, easier friendship invitation
  4. improved messaging, with audio/vibration alert and support for send to email/receive from email
  5. increased support for WAP access points and networks blocking TCP
  6. dozens of fixes and minor improvements
Vipera, publish your world!
Vipera is the first interactive media community designed for mobile, inspired by events, generated by opinions. For the first time ever, you will be able to capture your world with your mobile and publish it in order to change the things of your world that you do not like. How?
Easy. Vipera is made of 3 components:
  1. The Vipera mobile application, a Java application you install on your phone
  2. The web site
  3. The mobile-optimized site
Through the Vipera application, you'll connect to the Vipera thematic channels, where you can create your own blogs and post multimedia entries. Each of your blogs can be open to contributions by any users or only by your friends, or you can decide you are the only author. You can also create blogs that are not even visible to other users.
You can of course browse and search through all public content, rate or comment what other users published and send messages to them.
All public content you create with the Vipera application is instantly published to the web and mobile sites, to be seen on PCs and phones all over the world!
What can I do with Vipera?
Some ideas:
  1. Share your opinions on global topics with users from other countries
  2. Make your voice heard on what is happening in troubled countries
  3. Create live reports from music concerts, sports events, your travels
  4. Keep a blog of your life for your loved ones
  5. ... but it is up to you to find more!
Come to and see what other users like you are publishing right now!

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