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G@meloft Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

While trying to capture international terrorist Irena Morales, Team Rainbow has uncovered a plot to attack Las Vegas and the existence of a reusable microwave-pulse weapon capable of killing millions of people. The Rainbow operatives will need to secure casino floors, take to the chaotic streets of Sin City, and ultimately defeat the terrorist threat at Hoover Dam.

Immerse yourself in an enthralling brand new plot in the tempting, exciting, and bright Sin City like no other tactical/action game has ever offered you.

Now the fate of Las Vegas is in your hands. Will you take up the challenge?

- A Sniper Mode offers totally new gameplay featuring precision shooting and priority management!
- Use the Snake Cam to analyze the situation from outside and coordinate your teamwork-based attacks.
- Tactically use any cover zones from the settings (cars, tables, etc.) to minimize human casualties.
- Varied gameplay including stealth maneuvers: rappel down the side of a casino, hide in lockers, etc.
- Benefit from a broad arsenal: flash & fragmentation grenades, machine gun, knife, and sniper rifle.
- Experience Vegas in 10 missions in 4 places: the Casino, the Lounge Bar, the streets and Hoover Dam.


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