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    Nokia Text to Speech S60-- lets your handset loud read-out short note 
    Through the Text-to-speech software, you may let on your handset loud read-out handset's short note. This tool may let you “listen to” the writing short note, the color letter and the email. Text-to-speech is: 
* is suitable for Nokia on the S60 handset appropriate and the simple tool, may use many kinds of languages to read on your handset's short note. 
After downloading the software you may simple look at the operating instructions. 
(* pronunciation type is decided a pronunciation package of type which downloads in you) 
the application method: You may seek for the short note in the handset function table to read software's icon Text-to-speech is the compatible S60 handset's short note reading program, this software is only suitable for the software the partial handsets which installs correctly. 
If must use Text-to-speech normally, you also need to download the language package and in view of this language pronunciation package. 
Cites an example, if you need to use English read-out short note, then you need to install English language package and English pronunciation document. 
The N78 short note reads aloud- the support Chinese clearly - smooth 
Downloading decompresses two documents, installs the Mandarin_Chinese.sis document, installs the Xiao-Ying-Mandarin.sis document again, enters the short note to receive a box, option - > Listens to - > Option - > Pronunciation establishment - > The language, will establish as the simplified Chinese, the pronunciation automatic setup for “young Ying”, then the broadcast may hear the pure Chinese short note to read aloud!
Also not quickly tries! Test type: N78 (Asian and Pacific version, Malaysian code:0555491) 
supports the type: Nokia N78, E50, E65, E90 Communicator, 5500 Sport, 5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator phones, and 6120 classic 
Other types do not support theoretically. The recruit downloads the N82 test not to support. The short note does not have the pronunciation establishment. 
nokia official software. Must download other languages to be possible to attack fiercely
To use Text-to-speech you will also need to download one language package and one voice package.  
For example, if you want to install UK English download both the UK English language package and one UK English voice package.   
Downloading and installing files 
Select the desired language package and download it to a compatible PC.
Select the desired voice package and download it to a compatible PC.  
Transfer the language and voice packages to your phone using Nokia PC Suite and a compatible Nokia cable or wireless connection.  
For more information about installing applications on your phone, please see your phone's user guide.  
Please note: The number of voice packages available differs according to language. Each language has at least one available voice.


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