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SuperGoBoy|GBC v1.2

Gameboy which supposes for yours handset Color simulator! Can support over a thousand GameBoy the games! Function:perfect sound effect, and might adjust the volume
  • Simulates all GameBoy and the GameBoy Color game 
  • The perfect sound effect, and may adjust the volume
  • May from receive a box to open the game directly
  • support directly is smoother from ZIP either the RAR form compression package of execution game
  • Game's speed is smoother 
  • Can choose the game speed - enhancement or reduce
  • Support storage/read game archive
  • Automatic archive - you will not lose game's progress again
  • May completely from the definition game's pressed key
  • A/B button's immediate replacement key
  • May use the blue tooth or infrared transmits the game to friend's handset
  • More removable skin. Establishment screen size. Optimized picture and so on
  • Forwards as an enclosure ' JetPak along with the software DX'YOUXI
Operating guide
Installs the game - the ROM document copy to e:\GoBoy folder, once the game document successful is changed over to the handset, GoBoy should be able to detect automatically will then carry out automatically. If does not have the automatic execution, tries to restart the handset. Please note: Only then, will stop is .gb/.gbc/.cgb by the GoBoy automatic execution. If after your document, stops does not belong to above that several, after trying the change, stops.
Packed format game
By the compression is. Zip or. Rar document game. Zip or. The Rar document beats into \ the GoBoy folder. Changes after it, stops. Zip.gbc or. Rar.gbc. (i.e. adds .gbc to document end). This can let Super GoBoy distinguish that is the game document. If after changing, is unable to distinguish, after please decompress, uses
Game's menu
When game, the key opens the menu according to “C”
           The menu tabulation is as follows:
 Document: Opens the file menu, demonstrates the following option:
Preservation: Storage game. Game's archive possibly achieves 64K the capacity to write
down: Read game archive. Will put on file the name list to demonstrate that attaches will put on file when the time and date
deletion: The deletion puts on file
speed: Chooses simulator's speed
volume: Choice loudness training
keyboard: From decides, gets down, left, right, A/B pressed key cut
key: Split-second-selection A/B pressed key
Withdrawal: Withdraws from the simulator, returns to the GoBoy main screen

When game withdrawal, will support the automatic storage the game to store up.
When stores up automatically starts, once the withdrawal game, game's progress will be stored up, when once more enters the game, will read the game progress automatically. Volume: Choice loudness training keyboard: From decides, gets down, left, right, A/B pressed key cut key: Split-second-selection A/B pressed key.

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