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Asphalt 3 Street Rules 3D v1.1.5 (free mobile java game)

"Metropolis Vehicle race 3" (Asphalt 3: Street Rules) Gameloft Corporation produces, the GT series third does. 
    With yours way on the world street racecourse (San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Hawaii, Tokyo, Rome, Bombay, Las Vegas) drives the vehicle race, steps on the accelerator, places oneself in is completely different and in the exquisite rich 3D establishment. You through 5 vehicle race pattern's 11 unlockings, will pass by the pass, thus wins the underground world to your respect.
    This game 3D image was best until now in the handset game. From Gameloft which most starts symbolized, to vehicle race and motor's various part of components, its color expressive force obviously strong in the first two generation of JAVA version. Each kind of light, the road surface reflection and time nitrogen oxygen system opening flame also Canada has the light shade effect, several Sexy girls also even more aggravated

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