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Asphalt 3: Street Rules 3D v1.04

Asphalt 3: Street Rules is driving into your handset with lightning speed! As the most famous handset vehicle race game's third edition, this game will lead you to go to the underground vehicle race world the core region. Controls automobile which or motor you long for even in dreams, integrates the tall and pleasing to the eye scene, in penetrates drifts and crashes wins the respect and in the money subculture, is broadcast far own reputation. Goes by car by the free velocity in the world most famous city to go forward, and penetrates shows off aggressively drives the style accumulation wealth. Spares no effort to re-equip the high horsepower vehicles, enhances its performance, by transforms it the ultimate vehicle race evil spirit beast. Compels the match to the road surface, the avoidance police's roadblock, thus the attraction television helicopter scene photographs your heroic conduct! To one's heart's content in Asphalt 3: The Street Rules world, gains the most splendid handset vehicle race to experience! 
The recruit downloads N70 through the test

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