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Men in Black - Alien Assault

The Men in Black are back - and once again our last line of defence
Are you prepared to give up your identity and put on the last suit you’ll ever wear? We need your help to investigate in the biggest threat humankind might have ever faced. There are rumours out on the streets of New York about people disappearing without a trace. You have to start an investigation and stop whatever is going on out there before this whole thing causes a panic. The press is already having a field day reporting that unidentified creatures are linked to the incidents. Your mission is to find evidence of any alien activity. Your first lead brings you to the sewers of New York where alien activity is rife. Be sure to carry your neuralyzer, as we don't want any civilian witnesses. Rogue aliens, massive power ups, fantastic weapons and a load of challenging levels are waiting for you. Improve your high score by finding hidden weapons and items. Solve the story mode and unlock an additional game mode to blast even more alien butt.


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