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Crazy Cricket 240*320

VRGStudio.Crazy.Cricket.S60 - 240*320 Converted from 176*208

The most different cricket game, in terms of gameplay, ever made for j2me phones !!

This is a really crazy version of the original game. It has a totally new approach to hitting 4s and 6s. To hit a 4 or a 6 you have to hit corresponding targets which are constantly moving.

The default over match is 5 overs, you can change this and play a 10 over or a 20 over match. For batting all you have to do is hit the ball with key 5 or center press of the joystick. You can play shots intelligently to post a good score. When you are bowling you can set the position where the ball will fall with the cross. When you have set the position then you can set the direction of the ball with the direction setter. Place your fielders properly and bowl sensibly to restrict the score of the opponents. ALL THE BEST !!
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