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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X

in 2012, the Armed forces via have become the personal chemical weapons attire. In this case, you will act a fighter aircraft pilot, fights in the life and death duty with the terrorist and saves U.S.!

Game characteristic:
  • By nurtures the blue game to be authorized, the wisdom happy game reorganizes brand-new fire game.
  • The game reorganizes from the Tom Clancy's novel.
  • In 5 real fighter aircraft's foundations, and take the brand-new future weapon and the formidable ruinous     weapon as the assistances.
  • 9 are linked together, tense incomparable dangerous duty, as well as horrible final BOSS.
  • 5 kind of different environment bring the different feeling: Middle East desert, South America jungle, Rio, Americas canyon .....
  • You will face each kind of different enemy: From airborne, the ground, the marine airplane, the tank, the fort also has the submarine!
S60V2/S60V3 176X208   S60V3 320X240  S60V3 352X416   S60V3 240X320

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