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Sign app on 3250 all versions (application)

Hi friends..

I have found a new hack for Nokia 3250 (not only v4.14 and v4.60, but also other versions) and other mobiles too..

By this hack, u can sign the unsigned appz and install them on ur mobile..

Just follow the procedure given below stepwise, and i guarantee u that u can hack ur phn very easily..

1. Firstly download (just download, dont install now) the following files on to ur mobile before starting-
Caps On
Caps Off
SignSIS v1.03 repacked
[all these files can be found in the forum sticky threads]
or download from attachments below

2. Install hellocarbide.sis on ur mobile. But DONT OPEN it..

3. Open Xplore, press 0, and tick all the 4 boxes.

4. Run Hellocarbide without closing Xplore.
Go to Options- Menu1- Yes
Hellocarbide will close automatically.

5. Go to Xplore, and copy cProfDriver_SISX.ldd to C:\sys\bin
Now restart phone.

6. Install CapsOff, CapsOn

7. Install SignSIS

8. Run CapsOff

9. Through Xplore, extract 00000001.rar into C:\

10. Now go to C:\resource\swicertstore\dat0000001

11. Press 6, mark the Read Only attribute, and save it.

Upto this, u hav to do this procedure for 1 time only.

Now open SignSIS, select the unsigned sis file, do SelfSign only.
The signed file will be created in the same folder as of the unsigned file..

Now install the application, and enjoy..

This has been tested by me on 3250 v4.21 RM-38
Download :

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