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PicoDrive for 3rd

[MD] simulator PicoDrive Version 0.51 for 3rd to sound support, as well as picture support (particularly types and so on 240X320 320X240, horizontal screen demonstration effect ultra crisp. Regarding 3250 5500 such 176X208 screen type on slightly some regrets, has needed to reduce the demonstration) to support the S60V3 type. NOKIA 3250 5500 N91 E60 E70 N80 N73 N93 and so on games place e:\pdgames table of contents, but also has the filename not to be able to be the Chinese character more importantly, must alter to English under the translation
LOAD ROM selects ROM 
LOAD the STATE read to put on file 
SAVE STATE to put on file 
Configure the controls pressed key to establish Configure 
the Screen screen to establish 
Configure the Sound sound to establish 
game genie/cheats Jin Shouzhi RESET Reset credits registration then under also one is the withdrawal. It is a pity 3250 do not look. The left software is chooses C is the withdrawal enters the pressed key establishment
May choose 2 types PDA we not to use, does not need to manage him. Enters configure keys. Inputs the key position which in turn according to the prompt you must suppose. Said the key position establishment and the attainment. I now am generally set upright the screen to play, because MD majority game's X Y Z are A B C Lian Jian, therefore I establish X Y Z jumped over. For everybody a reference key position.
UP        1
LEFT    4
A         3
B         6
C        9
X Y Z  jump
MODE  * 

PicoDrive Version 0.51

Here is the first release of Picodrive for 3rd edition. It's almost the same 0.50 that's available for S60 2nd edition, but lacking some improvements
For those who don't know, Picodrive is a S ega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator.

This is still a alpha version, and there're problems to be fixed. But it's quite good for a first release.

Should work with all 3rd edition phones. If it doesn't work with some game, try changing emulator settings

-For a better performance, go to "Configure screen" and choose "portrait" mode. Landscape modes might slow things down in some phones. Also, disable the three sound chips in "Configure sound"

-If a game doesn't work, or music is slow, go to "Configure screen" and choose a region manually rather than using "auto"

What's new in 0.51:
-fixed both 32 column mode and alt renderer
PicoDrive for 3rd


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