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Lost (javagame)

What if you woke up on the beach of this famous, mysterious island after your plane crashed? Try to save the lives of passengers at the accident site, set up a camp, learn to live among the rest of the group, explore the jungle, hunt, witness unexplained phenomena, and avoid the bizarre traps scattered around this hostile environment. In a word: survive… and attempt to ***** the secrets of the island! That’s exactly what the official game of the series LOST™ gives you the chance to do. Relive the unbelievable epic of the missing passengers of flight 815 through the eyes of Jack, the charismatic hero of this adventure.

- The official mobile game providing total immersion into the world of LOST, with a storyline created by the team behind the series!
- Play Jack and interact with other main characters of the series: Kate, Locke, Sayid, etc.
- Production quality that measures up with the LOST phenomenon: faithfully reproduced settings, intuitive and extremely varied gameplay.
- Explore the island’s main sites: the beach, the jungle, inside the Hatch, the Black Rock, etc.
- Relive the most eventful moments from the series: the crash scene, running from the smoke monster, meeting the Others, etc.
- Take on a multitude of challenges: exploration, hunting, helping the wounded, searching for dynamite, etc.


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