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Gameloft XIII: Covert Identity

The renowned cartoon hero returns for this new risk, his final goal discovers own real status. You may use in knapsack's complete weapon: The revolver, the pump type hunting rifle, the submachine gun, the grenade launcher and so on eliminates large quantities of murderers. From the Mexican beach to New York's palace, you will ride the airplane, the yacht and the jet-type skis tours the whole world. Slaughters heartlessly most suits your murderer's status? 
They advance…But who are they? But who am I also? 
The downloading newest game - murderer 13, explores once more on yours handset with ours hero in advance achieves his ultimate objective: Finally discovered that who he is. The walk, rides the airplane or the yacht, the driving jet type skis, goes from the Mexican beach to New York's luxurious hotel, gets rid of the numerous assassins to your track, and in counter-track they. Using revolver, pump type hunting rifle, submachine gun, grenade launcher, even nearby you may collect any goods arm you, lets you enjoy in the cartoon world slaughters cruelly with the special effect. Characteristic: 
* the unique image, has reappeared the original works cartoon style splendidly. 
* the diverse game way, provided the pure movement, the seepage to submerge with the high speed jet ski competition and so on.
* two role choices: In advance heroic murderer 13 and lovable agent Jiexika. a 
*14 checkpoint, eight kind of different environment, in game's all have filled interactive the element. 
* massive may equip the weapon, the most aggressive powerful enemies, as well as want to avoid the massive traps. 
* collects the reward stage prop in the entire game, lets you understand many about the murderer 13 material information. The box plays the non-charge trap

S60V3 240X320
S40V3 240X320/7370

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