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Based on the hit fox TV show, prison breaker, the mobile game is an action-adventure challenge that takes place in the fox river prison. Player will embody the most famous captive from the TV show, Michael scofield, to help him and his brother make their way to freedom. the game incorporates all the winning TV show elements, including the original plot and characters. Player prepare to escape by collecting items, conspiring with other inmates and gaining their support. In the escape attempt, player will solve puzzles by using collected itemr and their prison mates' skills.

Embody the most famous captive, Michael scofield, in the official mobile game of the TV series. Save your brother and make your way to freedom ! Enjoy the entire first season on your mobile phone.

*As michael scofield, plan your evasion by all means. Influence people, gather and combine objects.
*Experice 36 detailed maps and 12 immersive environments
*Multiple phases of gameplay: adventure, ex-filtration, action & side quest (Taj Mahal puzzle, riot, evasion, and tunnel)
*interact with more than 10 original characters: Scofield, Lincoln, Sucre, Abruzzi and others.
*in your escape attempt, solve puzzles by using collected itemr and your prison mates' skills.


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